Winter knocks in Colorado high country

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    1. I don’t have the necessary connections, but you might want to contact RMNP about it. They seem to have more than they need on Trail Ridge Road right now.

  1. Only someone from the mountains could write “Meanwhile, snow is falling tonight AS LOW AS 8,000 feet.” 8,000 feet sounds pretty darned high to a lot of us! Thanks for the chuckle.

    1. 🙂 It’s all relative, I suppose. Denver is the Mile High City, so we start measuring at 5,000 feet or so. And our highest peaks are about 14,000 ft. Snow comes over the Divide and down toward us, so the lower it gets, the closer to Denver it is. My brother lives just west of Boulder at about 8,500 feet, so he was probably getting snow. A bit early for snow so close.

  2. You found it! I thought this was a special point of view; your searching skills are better than some paid journalists & we know your integrity is better, too. Back from sea-level to 300 ft tomorrow… sure hope the snow doesnt mess with elkfest or Denver this weekend! ps, harry potter says hello 🙂

    1. Yes I did, and thank you again. I wonder if I’d know yet that TRR was closed if you hadn’t told me. I just checked several sources and it looks like it is still closed. The weather looks beautiful up there today, so they may yet get the road open before Elk Fest starts tomorrow.

      1. They did it– NPS says TRR opened about 2 hrs ago (little after noon?); they posted a beauty of a still from the webcam & Estes paper posted a clip from an Elk Fest performer. Gosh, wish i was out there instead of airports/planes!

      2. Wonderful news!! It must have been just minutes before that I checked for information and found only that the road was still closed. The Estes webcams showed bumper-to-bumper traffic on Elkhorn, though, so it apparently wasn’t choking off much traffic (most of which probably comes from the Front Range). And the weather today is glorious.

  3. Happy dance: some of that cool showed up here…OK 80 is cool-ish. Wind seems to have blown the mosquitoes off, too. (Now if my head would stop feeling like a bulging water balloon and my ears would unstop…but it doesn’t matter. Bright, sunny and cool-ish…58 tonight! Wooo-whoo)
    And go elk!

    1. I suppose that’s not surprising when you live in a warm climate. But I’d miss it. The seasons weren’t very distinct in Atlanta and I missed them when I lived there.

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