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Worrying about a crew on Trail Ridge Road


I just took a peek at the Trail Ridge Road webcam and the above is what I saw. Heavy rain/snow obscuring the view and the temperature down to 26°. I’m a bit worried. Not 10 minutes ago when I looked at the same webcam, the air was clear and there were two safety-vested workers fastening that marker pole in place on the corner of the deck. That means they’re up there above 11,000 feet, having to get back down the mountain in the conditions you see here. I’m sure they are very experienced at driving mountain roads in bad weather, but this looks pretty nasty.

The poles, by the way, are put in place along the length of Trail Ridge Road in late fall to mark the edges of the pavement and other significant points so that crews can tell where the road is when they start plowing in the spring. I hope this crew didn’t cut things too close, because the weather is supposed to get nothing but worse through tomorrow.


    • No, that’s not the sort of thing that gets on the news — where a road crew was at such and such a time. But I did see that Trail Ridge Road was closed about two hours after I grabbed this shot. So yes, it got bad, but maybe the driving wasn’t that bad up until the closure and they were able to get down. If they went down toward the west, it would have been a much shorter, easier drive.

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