Update: Elsa the ‘frozen’ kitten adopted

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    1. 🙂 I came so close, several times, to picking up the phone and asking if she’d been adopted. But if they’d said she was still available, I’d have had to go get her …

  1. So glad there was a real happy ending for cutie Elsa– my fingers were still crossed hoping you had caved & just didn’t want to write about it, yet. I couldn’t bear to foster, either. Gave one away last week… had to smile as she went with the vet tech, but cried all the way home (vet tech knew i had several & asked for her during last visit for shots, so she has a good real home now).

    1. It helps very little to know they’re going to a good home. The separation would be wrenching. My vet had four adoptable kittens at his office a few months ago, and their cages were out in the waiting room. Talk about temptation! And I had the bad luck of having to be there twice during their stay. I was up there again last week and asked if they’d all been adopted. They had. And the tech I was talking to had taken two of them. Because she had fostered them.

  2. YEA! Sometimes people are in the right place at the right time
    And Crash has a forever home, too. A couple of days ago there was a terrible car accident and the volunteer fire dept showed up as rescue. The people all eventually died, but there was this injured black lab. One of the firemen grabbed him up, wrapped him warm and bandaged the injured front leg. He took him to the vet as soon as he could get away. It was on the news. He was a young guy without much money and the dog’s med bills were pretty high. If the dog went to a shelter, he would be put down. Within 24 hours people had donated enough to pay all his vet bills – even the amputation costs that occurred Monday. And the fireman kid, is hugging the dog saying “I saw him and knew he was mine. There was just some bond. So Crash and his new owner will have a Merry Christmas.
    Just thought you’d like another smile

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