Has it really been that long?

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    1. I haven’t followed her since then. She certainly deserved the acclaim, but as I recall was having some problems dealing with it. Hope she’s well and happy.

      1. She’s been touring around Christmas and was on TV singing some beautiful Christmas songs. As shy as she was- and with no supporting framework in place for winners at that time, she did have some rough times, but appears to be dealing fine now.

  1. She was in KC in Oct, same beautiful voice and same shy lady we met in that video clip. Could tell she was on script with her “between the songs” talking, yet evenso, her Scottish accent and inflections were genuine and i am happy to have gone. So much bravery on her part to push through the stress and figure out how to enjoy performing on an international scale. Les Mis is one of my favorite stage musicals (not the movie version) and her interpretation, albeit omitting a verse, could stand against any of the B’way Fantines. I always enjoy watching the expressions on those smug faces who had written her off before her first note. Thanks for bringing her back for the evening!

  2. Just goes to show eh? I loved the stunned looks that came over the judges smug faces after the first few words were out of her mouth. They had her pegged alright didn’t they? Anyway, thanks for the “follow.” Barking shall always endeavor to inform, anger, and amuse. continue…

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