Worth more than 1000 words


On January 31, Coronado, Calif., photographer Dan McGeorge caught this spectacular scene of a full rainbow arching over the historic Hotel del Coronado. A bit after the rainbow had faded, a couple approached him on the beach, said they’d just gotten engaged, and asked if he’d mind taking a picture of them with their phone. He obliged, of course.

Not until later did he realize his photograph had captured the couple’s proposal under the rainbow. Now he’s trying to locate that couple again. He didn’t know them but they mentioned they were not from the area. He’s asking anyone who might know them to contact him through his website or his Facebook page.

I hope he finds them.



  1. Let’s see…according to Xthians, when we die, that essential part of us that houses our personalities (“soul”) goes to join with God in his heaven. They also say that a rainbow is God reminding us of his promise to Noah. According to scientists, a rainbow is produced by light passing through a prism. Obviously that means that God must live in a prism.

    Therefore, logically, heaven is a prism. Well, that does explain God’s apparent split personality (as defined by all the different religions)…

    1. What does that have to do with finding the couple? No, wait — okay I get it. Since God is love, and these people are in love, that means they must be in the prism with God!

      That was easy.

    1. I assume he set up his camera just to catch a pretty sky above the hotel, and then the rainbow appeared. Did you see his Facebook page? After he took this picture he turned around and saw an equally spectacular sky behind him (sans rainbow) which he also photographed.

      Daddy Bear has an interesting take on God, yes? So a prism caused God’s split personality … hmm …

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