Freedom isn’t free

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    1. I watched that just last week and soon after saw a Navy commercial saying, “To get to you, they’d have to get past us.” That’s what what our military is all about. And I’ve always appreciated it.

  1. I have been back and forth trying to understand these comments several times over the past two days but I remain at a loss. Perhaps it is because I am ‘not’ a mother, but to a Viet Nam vet its hard to read the comments without coming away with the sense that it could be interpreted as somewhat offensive. I have assumed that the comment from Schmidley had something to do with the posted photograph but past that I am at a loss?

    I truly don’t think the comments were intended in that manner but rather than trying to second guess the intent, I would certainly appreciate it if one of you mothers could enlighten me. 😕

    1. I can’t speak for Schmidley, but seeing such a uniform on my small son would evoke a lot of different feelings — love and pride for the father serving in Vietnam (and great pain, sadness, and anger if he died there) — and a fear that the uniform might encourage the son to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the military … and perhaps also die. I supported our troops but was furious at our government for sending them to fight in that war. Had I lost a loved one there I’d probably still be angry. On the other hand, to the son, the uniform would be a proud remembrance of Dad.

      But I’m having to guess at all that, since I didn’t know anyone serving in Vietnam.

  2. Things of great value often have great cost.
    Thanks for all who stood and to those who continue to stand to protect and defend those at home. (And all I ask is that when battle is necessary and unavoidable, that our soldiers be given what they need to fight well and not have to make-do or fight with hampered by a half hearted backing in DC – and that once home, the vets are given all the support they need and deserve – as was promised. Money to our own vets before building infrastructure/even schools in other countries.)

    1. I couldn’t agree more. We currently have a huge new VA hospital under construction in the Denver area but cost overruns and lack of funding have been threatening to shut down the construction and have already delayed it several times. This funding should not be a political football in Washington. There’s nothing partisan about this. We made a promise to those vets and we owe them this. I’ve recently seen a commercial for some organization collecting funds to help vets. Really? Why is the government not fully, generously funding everything our vets need? Why is the very existence of a new VA hospital being threatened by a lack of funding? It’s outrageous and inexcusable. Screw the Middle East and foreign aid. We have serious needs and obligations right here at home that need — demand — attention. Vets made a solemn promise to the nation. The nation needs to keep its promise to them.

      1. Well said. I know that hospital has been under construction for a while. It need to be done yesterday. While it’s nice private groups raise money, but the fed. gov. needs to stop depending on kindness of the citizens and step up to meet its’ promises. The GI bill was fine, but now more is needed: bionic limbs, state of the art wheelchairs, transitional houses for vets and families until they get stabilized and up to speed. Yes, just furious, and what will it take to get the money channeled where it needs to be?

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