Promises, promises

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  1. It galls me that we can be so easily manipulated. It’s obvious ISIS wants us there, and we’re obliging.

    Plus, since ISIS is based on Syria, we’ve essentially signed up to go into Syria, something the American people have already said “no” to.

    What’s the plan here? Permanent occupation of the Middle East? I see no end game; just more trillions of dollars in the pocket of a few companies, more dead soldiers, more dead civilians, and signing on to a perpetual war.


    1. Of course we’re being manipulated. If they can get us to go over there and fight on their turf, they won’t have to worry about getting over here. Not to mention our going over there (again!) is just further proof that we’re the interfering American imperialists they say we are.

      I don’t see any end game either, other than lining the pockets of a few rich Americans while the less well-to-do die for them.

  2. It galls me that very few people see the war against ISIS and their ilk as a Religious war. Even fewer people refuse to accept the iron clad Revelation as to how it will ultimately end.

    1. Of course it’s a religious war. That’s what the Middle East is all about. But I don’t believe for a second that people writing 2,000 years had a clue about what might happen in the 21st Century.

  3. People get what they deserve. People who vote for members of political parties which benefit from corporatism (picking business recipients of corporate welfare that subsidize their candidates campaigns) are never going to see the end of US aggression.

    Ron Paul was the closest thing we’ve had to an honest to God Libertarian in my lifetime. And we let that opportunity slip by. A real libertarian leader would let the Muslims kill and maim each other to their hearts content, but if they used aggression against the US, our defense would be total. They would be obliterated. Of course, that’s just my opinion. There’s all flavors of us.

  4. Only time will tell if the premise of the Hollywood movie ” Left Behind” is just science fiction or it has real teeth behind it.

  5. I like you honesty Pied Type. What are you thoughts about Nostradamus or Edward Casey. Both of them claimed to see into the future.

    1. I don’t believe anyone can see into the future. Those who claim they can are either delusional or deliberately trying to enrich themselves by manipulating others.

      1. No, no . . . I really can see the future. Want to know if the 2016 election will bring substantive change for the better for both low-income and middle-class individuals?

        Hint . . . no.

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