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Phoebe cam returns, features Pheona the robin

Meet Pheona (click for current view) (Actually, this might be the Mister.)

Update: June 16: One of the eggs has hatched. Chick is tentatively dubbed Spoke, as owner now lives in Spokane. Kane should be along soon.

Some of my longtime readers will recall my fascination with Phoebe the hummingbird and the live streaming webcam that allowed me to waste spend hours just watching the goings on. Eggs laid, hatched, chicks being fed, fledging, attacks by crows and lizards.

All that ended last year when the owner/operator of the webcam moved.

Today something made me go looking again for Phoebe’s webcam or whatever new webcam the owner might have established. There’s no new Phoebe, but there is a robin named Pheona. As before, the camera presents a beautiful high def close-up view of a bird tending her nest. There are two eggs in the nest and they are due to hatch any day. Then the fun really begins.

As before, there is sound, so be sure both your video sound and computer sound are turned up. Instead of the whirring of hummingbird wings, you might hear a cheery robin’s call.


Yes, the owner can zoom at will.




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