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Haute couture made of Senegalese garbage


Fabrice Monteiro

Photographer Fabrice Monteiro captures high fashion made of garbage from a huge dump in Senegal. The photograph is one of a series entitled “Prophecy,” a joint project of Monteiro, costume designer jah gal doulsy, and the Ecofund organization. Senegal’s “Green Imam,” Imam Youssoupha Sarr, has declared a jihad against the human pollution that is burying the African nation.

The Prophecy photos were shot at ten different locations around Senegal, with the models’ garb made partially of garbage and debris found at each site. The photos will be on display at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art until October 25, 2015.


  1. I like this very much. I have also done a small amount of photography work along these lines, not to any notoriety mind you, but mine was more in line with what we refer to as the “Still Life” genre with the intent to bring light to littering and garbage. I will have to post a blog entry about it in the very near future. Thanks for sharing… 🙂

    • It’s an issue that needs attention. Senegal apparently is drowning in its own garbage. In Europe, they burn it for energy. Here, I just wonder how many more landfills we can fill before we run out of space. This is a big country, but it’s not limitless. Our trash doesn’t just magically disappear when the trash truck hauls it away. It just goes someplace else.

      • I wish I’d had it here originally. I just hadn’t scrolled to the bottom of the source page. Until I saw it I hadn’t realized the model is holding a baby … er, doll.

  2. That used to be called “found art”. Everything has to be rediscovered and renamed. Lovely, but garbage. (Just wait, the giant beer merger plans on expanding into the “new” emerging markets: Africa… cans will make lovely platform shoes.)

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