It’s just a reality show, right?


35 thoughts on “It’s just a reality show, right?

      1. Great place! You are so lucky to be there. Immigration rules are pretty strict in many places as they want to make sure those coming in will contribute in a positive way, pay into the systems to continue the programs in place, and not be a drag on society. Logical and smart. (You are probably close in age to me) Although we have considered getting another sailboat and just anchoring offshore.

      2. Seriously? I’ve heard of lots of immigration restrictions, but never age. I guess they don’t want us old folks moving in to sponge off their government services?

      3. They want educated and younger workers. As a lark, I took the “test” for immigrant status on the Canada government website and although I am highly educated, couldn’t accumulate enough points, mostly owing to my age. This was 12 years ago BTW.

      4. It’s not the old people the Canadians are currently upset with, it’s Alex Trebek! It all started last week when he barred his fellow countrymen and women from being contestants on “Jeopardy”. Let’s just hope Donald and Alex aren’t BFF’s because Alex may convince Donald to build yet another wall! 🙁

      5. I read what your comment to my husband and he’s still laughing. I think stopping The Donald is hopeless when so many of my fellow Americans are voting for him. The real victim is Democracy.

        With Hillary facing an FBI criminal investigation, I fear she can’t stop him either. Don’t worry about wall between Canada and the U. S., the way things are going the border will become one long parking strip. The only upside is Trebek and The Donald provide much fodder for the political cartoonists.

      1. Nonono, don’t worry, really! It’s all actually an epic practical joke. It will all be fine and at the grand reveal they will laugh at how gullible we’ve been. ^_^

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