And you thought parallel parking was tough


I’m often amazed at what big rig drivers can do with their trucks, but this tops everything I’ve ever seen.

And why did the little truck get the big doorway?


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  1. The fair dinkum “Kings of the Road”; here’s some Aussie Truckies in action, at 1 min 34 seconds there’s an interesting turn or events. By the way there are many women here that drive these rigs in WA, in fact they are much in demand by the fleet managers because of their work ethic and good driving

  2. If I did that with my car, there would be damage to both my car and the building.

  3. This makes me feel a bit sheepish for complaining about the parking spot in my condo! And yes, why did the small truck get the big door?

  4. Just guessing here, but looks like an exterior roller gate above the small door to secure the dock area. So perhaps the larger opening is into general or uncontrolled parking. If you wouldn’t want to back a semi trailer in to a dock, most assuredly you would not want to enter such a parking garage and then hope to safely back out of it! (I really loved my VW Bug for tight spaces, btw) 🍀

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