And you thought parallel parking was tough

14 thoughts on “And you thought parallel parking was tough”

    1. And I thought double rigs were big. Triple is ridiculous. Probably fine driving in a straight line, but the turns are what I end up watching closely, especially at a crowded intersection where they have to make the turn without smashing any cars (including mine) in the adjoining lanes, jumping any curbs, knocking over any signs, etc.

      1. Yes indeed they are trains, they are called ‘Road Trains’, many of the roads they travel over are not sealed, just good ol’ dirt roads, I cannot recall ever hearing, or reading, of a road train involved in a major accident.

    1. Makes me glad I drive a smallish car, even though I still complain about tight parking. Next time I’ll probably think of this truck and how much worse it could be.

  1. Just guessing here, but looks like an exterior roller gate above the small door to secure the dock area. So perhaps the larger opening is into general or uncontrolled parking. If you wouldn’t want to back a semi trailer in to a dock, most assuredly you would not want to enter such a parking garage and then hope to safely back out of it! (I really loved my VW Bug for tight spaces, btw) 🍀

    1. I assumed it had something to do with getting to the appropriate loading dock or other location inside the building, but regardless, it’s an impressive bit of driving.

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