Remembering Prince




June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016



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  1. Apparently the result of a drug overdose. With all the money, fame what have you, so many lack common sense and refuse to learn and finish up killing themselves..

    • I’ve had the TV on all day and haven’t heard anything about a drug overdose. Hope that’s not true. Sad enough as it is.

      • Okay, I see some of the online stories (still haven’t seen it mentioned on TV). I’ll admit that flu story sounded suspicious. For some reason I was thinking maybe a heart problem or other illness.

        • Wonder if they’ll release the results of the autopsy.

        • Officials at the press conference this morning said they intend to but that it will take a couple of weeks.

        • It will take a while for autopsy complete results. There’s talk he took pain meds to overcome terrible stage fright. Family/friend said he’d had been awake for over 100 hours just before he died? If he had flu and was being treated for that, any additional dose of anything could have cause serious complications – even over the counter stuff can interact. Friends are adamant he did not use drugs.(All of this from today’s “news”…)
          I hope his musical legacy isn’t over shadowed.
          It really would be nice if for once the public would mind their own business and let some things remain private in the family. We’ve become far to nosy.
          Not a huge fan, but I liked his music and admired the fact that he actually played instruments and was a solid musician. And he taught them all how to put on a show.
          Now let’s just leave him alone and not pick at the bones, right?

        • I’m ignoring the stories about drug overdose for now. The only ones I’ve seen are from Hollywood gossip magazines. The speculation is just that, and it’s unfair and unkind. I’m waiting for the official autopsy results.

        • Once when only verified news was allowed on air…(sigh)

        • Confirmed by two (2) reliable sources. Those were the days.

        • Life was so much more sane and less stupid.

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