Sailing in polluted waters

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  1. The only way to overhaul it right now is to refuse to vote for either of them when there is a better alternative. However, the major news outlets as well as the political establishments refuse to acknowledge it.

    1. I think now is not the time to try to reform the system by voting for a third party candidate. Keeping a grossly unqualified person out of the White House is the more urgent need.

    1. We have such a complex, convoluted nominating system that it almost guarantees only insiders with lots of money and knowledge can successfully navigate it. Most of us are outsiders with little to no influence. We don’t meet with party regulars months before the primaries, we don’t go to party caucuses, we may not even vote in the primaries (as a registered independent in Colorado, I don’t even get to vote in the primaries). It’s pretty much the activist insiders in each party who determine the nominees. Still … Clinton and Trump? … oy vey!

      1. It’s just my opinion, but based on years of participating in voting, I’m convinced that the majority of voters (20% or less of those qualified to vote) have been indoctrinated to believe that they have a significant role to play in protecting one of the corrupt 2 major parties.

        Those voters fall into 3 categories.

        Those loyal to a party regardless of who’s been nominated. Mostly Hillary voters.

        Those who believe they have been disenfranchised by their party and vote for someone they believe will change their parties behavior. Mostly Trump supporters.

        Those who believe that both parties are filled with corrupt career politicians who owe their position to whichever party supported their election. Mostly supporters of 3rd party candidates. Like me.

        As a result, Hillary will win the popular vote by more than her collective supporters here on Pied Type. She will also win the electoral college vote whether she wins the popular vote or not.

        I’m willing to bet on it. If you really think your Hillary vote will be significant, we can put our money where our mouths are. Any takers?

      2. Interesting analysis. I think it is ignorant and irresponsible to blindly vote a straight party ticket, just to support a party (regardless of its candidates). It’s equally as bad, not to mention dangerous, to try to change a party (or just express your anger at everything) by supporting a grossly unqualified and equally angry candidate. And voting for a barely known third party candidate, just to protest, may feel good but won’t be any more productive than not voting at all.

        Only 57.5% of the voting age population voted in the 2012 presidential election. (Sources differ slightly; that’s the highest % I could find.) With that much indifference, it’s no wonder the insiders are calling the shots (except the Republican insiders are having big problems this year).

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