‘New Lucy’ erected in Lucille Ball Memorial Park

14 thoughts on “‘New Lucy’ erected in Lucille Ball Memorial Park”

  1. Scary Lucy looks like either a drag queen or a transgender woman. The new statue looks like Lucy Ricardo stepped right out of a television. It’s flattering.

    I was born in 1970; I’d like to see a statue of young Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. And since I live in Santa Barbara, that’s where I want it erected.

  2. I would never have recognized the first statue, perhaps you should use it for the post you did on “Ugly Americans”; as the ‘logo’ or whatever they call the damned things :'(
    the new statue looks so true to life almost like those ‘live statues” that one sees at railway stations, (not train stations) and around Circular Quay, also seen in London Paris Rome and NY

      1. Oh yes, now I understand. Yes, the fact that she seems ready to move any second seems a little … disturbing. Like at night, you wouldn’t want to turn your back on her.

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