A word to the wise

Thrown mud is ground lost


  1. Ah, what’s my response to this? Ah, I may vote for the Socialist, and I may vote for Johnson. Probably will know when I actually cast my ballot. Ah, the heck with it, I’m going for Johnson. I reserve the right to change my mind, and I probably will! Something admirable about Johnson’s having chosen Weld to be his mate. Don’t I have fond memories of what “the media” used to say when Weld was still a governor? He was a governor of Massachusetts? Anyhow. Going off to ask The Google about Weld…

        1. Not that my vote means anything, since I live in a solidly blue state, but I am very concerned that people will throw their votes away on third party candidates.

    1. Nope. A vote for Johnson is a vote AGAINST Trump (and Hillary) and FOR Johnson.

      A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil.

      I’ll repeat my challenge. Anyone who really believes that Trump has a chance in H*ll, put your money where your mouth is and I’ll give you odds… 200,000 popular votes and 10 electoral votes.

      1. Considering the unprecedented unlikability of both major candidates and considering that Trump’s appeal has been underestimated since the beginning, I think he does have a chance. Minnesota elected a professional wrestler governor, so anything is possible.

        I would vote for Johnson if I thought he had a chance, but I don’t.

        1. …and California elected a third rate actor for governor and the United States a ‘B’ rated actor for president….

          “A word to the wise……….? (Blogs title)

          Doesn’t appear to be much of that around does there?

        2. Is the collective belief of millions of erstwhile will-be-voters-for-a-lesser-evil that Johnson “doesn’t have a chance” the very reason that Johnson doesn’t have a chance? Are those millions complicit then?

  2. Diden’t you hear, “The Fix Is In” Hillary has this in the bag. The Democratic Leadership at the DNC made sure this would happen by slandering Berni Sanders And there is so much unrest in the Republican Party Leadership that they don’t stand a chance. To seal the deal The Electoral Collage will not vote for or elect the Donald!

      1. It is a SURE THING that your (and my) individual and collective vote will make no difference whatsoever. Realizing that, my vote is going to be a statement reflecting my fundamental principles and beliefs.

  3. I’ve always hated the mud-slinging. I get tired of it before it even starts. However, this year is a bit different…. The mud that Hillary is slinging is, for the most part, true — and are traits that are not conducive to being the President of the United States. It is so important that voters are aware of what Trump really is.

    1. People need to know about Trump (and vice versa, many would say). But I’m sick of the personal attacks, innuendo, and insults. I want details about solid plans for the future and how they will be implemented. I think we’re not getting this from Trump because he’s completely, hopelessly clueless. And Hillary is still too busy trying to defend her email and the Clinton Foundation. In both cases, continuing to attack your opponent is a good way to avoid discussing your plans for the country.

    1. Exactly what I’ve been talking about. I must vote for Clinton. Voting for a third party candidate might make some kind of statement, but the biggest statement I want to make is that Trump is frighteningly unfit to be president and he must be defeated no matter what.

      1. Exactly what I’ve been talking about. I must vote for Clinton. Voting for a third party candidate might make some kind of statement, but the biggest statement I want to make is that Trump is frighteningly unfit to be president and he must be defeated no matter what.


        1. Especially after the Bush/Gore Supreme Court debacle, it’s foolish to ever think “such-and-such a candidate has it in the bag so I’ll peel off and vote for a third-party candidate.” That’s precisely how the other guy wins.

    1. Sure it’s a word. You iterate. If you iterate again, you are reiterating.

      As for voting for Trump, etc. … you can afford to vote for a third-party candidate. Your state is solid, irredeemably red. It will go for Trump no matter what you do. But I live in a swing state, a very purple state that flits back and forth at the drop of a hat. My vote could make the difference between the state going red and going blue. (Plus, registered independent voters make up 1/3 of the electorate here, so elections are always a crap shoot.)

      And btw, grats on the new computer. Always fun — if a bit stressful — getting a new one up to speed.

        1. All fixed. And I stand corrected. I’ve been mistaken all these years about the definition of “iterate.” And yet “reiterate” is also listed as a legitimate word. A search of several sources reveals no real agreement on what is apparently a very subtle difference between the two.

        2. Ryan Lochte. Yeah, he really blew it. He reitereated too much, with each iteration differing from the one before. By the time he stopped overexaggerating his exaggerations, he was in one hell of a mess. He’d make a great presidential candidate …

        3. Being English I consulted my OED; and briefly I give you this. 🙂

          Iterate/v.tr.repeat; state repeatedly; iteration/-n.[LATIN itare iterat-from iterum ‘again’]

          reiterate/ v.tr. say or do again or reaptedly.reiteration/n.reiterative/adj; [Latin reitare (as RE-,ITERATE)]

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