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‘Deplorables’? The candidates’ actions are deplorable

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

So Hillary Clinton was imprudent enough to say “you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.” And then instead of apologizing for calling them “deplorables,” she apologized for saying “half.”

Personally I think her mistake was labeling people as deplorable. She should have called their actions, language, and behavior deplorable. Which they have been in many, many cases. But only because Trump has made himself an example of what is apparently now acceptable public behavior, at least in his camp. Personal insult, exaggeration, sexism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc.

Clinton, on the other hand, has consistently weaseled, prevaricated, evaded, dissembled, and seemingly just plain lied.

We the people deserve so much better than this. Our candidates, especially those campaigning for the highest office in the land, should not be appealing to the worst in us, but to the best. They should be talking about how they are going to fix what’s broken in this country, bring us together, make our lives better, make our country stronger. They should stop trying to elevate themselves by denigrating large segments of the population and each other.

Stop talking about and insulting the other guy. Stop addressing personalities and start addressing problems and policies. Start talking to me. What are you going to do for me, my community, my state, and the nation? What’s your plan for healthcare, defense, our aging infrastructure, crime, education?

BTW: She also called the same group of people irredeemable,” which seems to me even worse than “deplorable.”


  1. She should never have said that. It’s probably true, but should never categorize voters in any way. Especially if it’s negative. She probably lost some voters that haven’t decided who to vote for yet.

    Okay, I’m curious. You say she lies, as do millions of other people. What, exactly, are these lies? Can any be fact checked? I’d like to know because I hear people say time and time again that she’s a liar, but no one has stated exactly what she lied about.

    • I was taught never to call anyone a liar. Hence all the other adjectives. But her handling of the release of her emails, the claiming to have released them all and then thousands more appear. Was she lying, or did she just accidentally overlook those thousands of previously unmentioned emails? Lying or incompetent or ignorant. Take your pick. What would you call it if someone said they gave you all of something, and then several months later more of that something came to light?

      • The only difference between Hillary’s lies and Trump’s is that he makes up stuff on the fly whereas she sits up nights thinking of ways to circumvent, deny and abstain from the truth. In other words, she is a practicing political liar and Trump is merely an idiot. I wouldn’t vote for Hillary if she was running against the devil himself and I wouldn’t vote for Trump if he was running alone. But my vote won’t matter and neither will yours.

  2. SIgh. Just like elementary school. Disheartening.(and we are now also viewed as a possible swing state – gag. This means MORE obnoxious intrusions? UGH)
    And yes, “irredeemable”. Worse.
    Schools take note: need to reinstate vocabulary lessons K-12 and those lessons gr 5-12 concerning persuasive methods and propoganda techniques…to enlighten and warn kids about commercial marketing of all sorts of products…….

    • You’re now a swing state? You have my deepest sympathy. You’re now in that “privileged” class that will get twice as many obnoxious political ads and, perhaps worse, three times as many unwanted robocalls.

      I really do wish the candidates for the highest office in the land would stop the oh-so-childish name-calling and gotcha-last games and start addressing the very serious problems that will soon be their responsibility. (Do you think they know what “responsibility” means?)

"A republic, if you can keep it." -- Benjamin Franklin

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