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    1. The First Amendment is the first item up there. As for the others, the Founding Fathers obviously couldn’t anticipate everything. Nor did they try. The Constitution is a foundation, a set of guidelines, not a complete set of laws and statutes

      1. You (at least) are paying attention. The first amendment is the ONLY one that is constitutionally authorized and if a government action isn’t authorized, it’s unconstitutional. The constitution isn’t a set of guidelines, it’s an authority defining document. The 9th and 10th amendments ought to make that point clearly to everyone.

      2. I wonder what the Founding Fathers would make of the mess that they left.

        There is no way possible, that they could have envisaged conditions of the 20th, and 21st centuries, and legislated for them; let alone the 19th. Yet there seem to be those now, who believe that they left the perfect world.

        Well may it have been, to the mindsof the F.F. in the late 18th early 19th century, but things have moved along quite a bit since then I do believe, and still some deny this.

        This is just an alien, antipodeans thoughts on the matter for what they’re worth, and there are no doubt some/many of your readers who’d wish I’d keep my nose out of the affairs of the U.S. of A. XD

      3. The Founding Fathers could never have imagined what’s happened since the Constitution was written. Some things would probably surprise and amaze them and some would absolute horrify them.

        I enjoy your Aussie take on things and appreciate opinions from beyond our borders. It’s hard to be objective about US affairs when one lives here.

      4. Well I’m glad somebody enjoys them;

        I was roundly abused the other day for voicing an opinion, which went strictly against the views of the blogger, I was told my ‘ranting’, (his word) was not welcome, and goodbye.

        So much for the First Ammendment, which apparently only applies to the bloggers fellow countrymen.

        I am not feeling any loss; just a bit sad that’s all. :'(


      5. For a variety of reasons, we blog administrators reserve the right to control our comment sections. And the First Amendment has nothing to do with it. Not everyone welcomes opposing points of view.

      6. Pretty much open slather on mine; the only thing I won’t have is bad language, I’ve been known to delete/erase expletives, in some comments, but not to touch them, in any other way.

        A bit of a nuisance, watching for the language, when some go on a bit long winded, in their ding-dong, battle of wits.

        Perhaps I shouldn’t be so old fashioned, expletives seem to be the “in thing” but I just can’t stand them, a mild expletive I admit to using from time to time; when referring to myself as a silly old bugger for example.

      7. You may not realize it but it’s good to hear from folks who aren’t familiar with the concept of a constitutionally defined republic – or – how it works.

        Our constitution doesn’t attempt to legislate specific laws that govern (for instance) free speech. However what it does do is abstain from giving the government any role in governing it. And… it goes further with the 1st amendment which clearly denies a government power that was never included. Some states, rightly, believed that just because a government power wasn’t mentioned in the constitution, people who came later in our history might well be successful in making the case that it was simply an over sight.

        The 10th amendment (in particular) lays that notion to rest when it spells out CLEARLY that a (federal) government power NOT MENTIONED, is reserved to the states or to individual citizens.

        Hence, the first ten amendments. Often called the “Bill Of Rights” they would more accurately be labeled the “Bill Of Prohibitions.” Without them – ratification of our constitution would have failed.

        Hopefully I’ve described in a way that’s understandable that our constitution doesn’t attempt to codify societal behavior… In the main sense, it merely limits government to specific boundaries.

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