Free money for Android apps

2 thoughts on “Free money for Android apps”

  1. I’ve been doing these surveys for a couple years now. I was up to over $20 at one time. It’s handy to have as I prefer to purchase app upgrades for no ads when they’re available. Or if I’m buying something stupid for a game, which isn’t that often but occasionally I do. It seems to go in waves. I’ll get sent a bunch of surveys for several weeks, then I won’t receive anything for a while. They’re quick and easy to do. Often redundant.

    1. When I first started, I racked up about $15 in a very short time. They kept sending me the same two or three questions, over and over. But I was getting credit, so didn’t care. But they’ve gone silent the last couple of weeks. As you said, it seems to come in waves.

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