Colorado’s ‘Charlie Blackmon kid’ meets Charlie Blackmon

Denver TV stations have been airing this delightful video repeatedly for the last three days, and I suspect its appeal is not just local.

Two-year-old Tommy Colson was quietly watching the All-Star baseball game when his favorite player, Colorado Rockies centerfielder Charlie Blackmon, was introduced. What happened next has already entered local sports lore.

How Tommy’s dad, Tom Sr., happened to be recording the moment, I don’t know. (Maybe he’s seen this reaction before.) But I never get tired of seeing this video and end up smiling every time.

Local sportscasters have interviewed Tommy at home in Parker, a Denver suburb, and learned that he’s a huge baseball fan (note the baseball bat on his tray). He knows a lot about the game, has a Rockies jersey, and demonstrated his tee ball skill (needs a little work).

To cap it all off, the Rockies invited Tommy to Coors Field this evening to meet his idol, and their meeting was on all the 10 pm newscasts. Not surprisingly, the two-year-old was silent in the presence of the big man with the big beard.

Silent or not, the “Charlie Blackmon kid” has been the talk of the town in Denver this week.

16 thoughts on “Colorado’s ‘Charlie Blackmon kid’ meets Charlie Blackmon

    1. I wonder, if he’s only two, will he remember? I think I’ve heard that we don’t remember anything earlier than about age three. But in this electronic age, he’ll have plenty of pictures and videos and probably more than one autograph to remind him.

    1. Assuming his interests don’t change, it seems a pretty safe bet he’ll play baseball. Plus it seems pretty clear in some of the interviews we’ve seen locally that he’s emulating his dad’s interest.

  1. It seemed to me that the little boy was calling daddy mummy, not daddy mommy, I know my hearing is sadly deficient but I turned the sound up full blast and still he sounded like he was saying mummy,
    With all my children I recall the first sound they all made was mummumummum, which gradually developed into mummy.
    The poor child looks scared stiff in the arms of that man!

    1. He certainly didn’t look real happy. But aren’t most toddlers wary of stangers? I think it would have been very unusual for him, without the prompting he got, to go running over to a big guy like that, much less be happy to be picked up by him.

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