What, me worry?

14 thoughts on “What, me worry?”

    1. He’s having a blast (no pun intended) scaring Americans with all his missile tests. But he doesn’t scare me nearly as much as the loose cannon in the White House who always has to prove he’s the biggest, toughest kid in the schoolyard.

  1. Surely there must be some way you can control trump. What’s worrying me is that our weak kneek yellow livered Prime Minister malcolm turnbull is trumpeting the trump cause, committing Australia to stand with the US.
    Okay we’ve always stood firm by and with the US but a line has to be drawn somewhere

    1. Nothing I, personally, can do until the next election. There are still some sane people in Washington and we can all hope one day they will tie and gag the man … preferably before he starts a war.

  2. Since we began the “Police Action” in Korea, followed by our involvement in Vietnam’s civil war, Grenada, Iraq, Serbia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. our cowardly congress has ignored over reaching presidents to commit the military to questionable causes without a constitutional declaration of war… and we keep electing the b*st*rds. Our fault.

    1. I’m not an isolationist but I’m a staunch noninterventionist. We shouldn’t go sticking our noses into everybody’s regional spat. We are not the world’s policeman, although it seems we are quite willing to play the part and everyone else is quite willing to let us fight their fights for them. Trump scares me because he’s so eager to prove how tough he is and no one seems willing to rein him in.

      1. I accept no blame for Trump. I voted against him. But to the extent that our society somehow produced enough supporters to elect him … ugh. We have some serious societal issues to address. Yet another reason to not be so engaged overseas. “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

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