1,069 robots dance to new Guinness record

16 thoughts on “1,069 robots dance to new Guinness record”

      1. By the way, after watching a number of times, I’m not sure but what the robots that fell down, got up again. One, at least, appears to be trying.

      2. Ah, found this on RT.com:

        Some 1,100 intelligent robots started the dance, however, only 1,069 completed the routine due to some losing their balance and falling to the ground.

        During the dance, officials from Guinness World Records paced up and down to check the robots were in line with the beat.

  1. As cute as that is, I’m not sure it’s all that impressive. I mean, after all, robots have to do what they’re programmed to do, whereas people, stuck with their oft-failing free will, are probably somewhat less reliable. On the other hand, people can usually right themselves after falling over – at least those who aren’t too drunk or stoned or whatever it took to get them to participate! 👽

    1. At the very least they had to be set up far enough apart so that if one fell, it wouldn’t take out any others. And I think I saw at least one that sort of walked itself out of position, which also could have knocked down others. And they had to be started at the same time. I figure they used some mass remote control thingy to do that. Mostly though I just enjoyed it for all its cuteness. These days I need all the cuteness and smiles I can find.

  2. Looks like some don’t have much to do with their time.And not only those that set this up! 👿

    Must have got the idea from watching the North Korean troops marching. They look like programmed robots, deadly robots that’s true, but robots nonetheless!

    1. Notice the other videos at the end. The company that won the award the last time was probably a competitor. And in both cases, it’s great publicity for the company and product. Publicity. Screen time. Viewers. Sales. That’s what it’s all about.

    1. Your dog must be a lot smaller than mine. At 70+ lbs, Annie would drag poor Dobi to death. But I wouldn’t mind having a human-size Dobi to do my housework and other chores.

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