The latest internet ‘dress’ is yanny vs laurel

16 thoughts on “The latest internet ‘dress’ is yanny vs laurel”

  1. Weirdly, I heard “Yanny” at work, but “Laurel” here on my laptop. Maybe my laptop speaker is better than the iMac’s speaker so I heard less distortion … hmmmm.

    1. One article I saw somewhere mentioned that one’s speakers could make the difference. It might have been in the video above. And it occurs to me just now that people can adjust the bass and treble on most speakers, and I usually turn the bass way up and the treble down.

  2. Without the hearing aids, which I use sometimes, I can only hear Yanny,
    I got the War office to listen in, and she has the best hearing of anybody I’ve ever come across, and all she hears is Yanny

    Perhaps sound travels differently up here in the Southern Hemisphere

      1. I assume Red Panda is kidding. I haven’t heard of anyone else hearing anything but either “yanny” or “laurel.” Which did you hear, Caobe?

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