Estes Park webcam collection grows by four

Yesterday I added four new Estes Park, Colo., webcams to my collection. All four are live streaming, although you have to look closely at the tips of branches or the clouds to tell. (The “live” tag in the upper left corner will be blue when you’re looking at a live view.) They also show small speakers, indicating they have sound, but I can’t detect any. The cameras are based at Windcliff, a subdivision on the mountainside above and east of the YMCA Convention Center.

Click the captions to go to the live camera page.

Windcliff parking (screenshot)

Categories: Green, Rocky Mtn Natl Park, Webcams

17 replies

  1. We stayed once at Windcliff – never forget watching the first of the winter snow and just enjoying sitting by a fire and watching the mountain.
    I am so not a prairie person.

  2. Colorado, one of the many beautiful places I’ve missed.

    • I keep saying it’s my favorite place in the world, but to be accurate, I should probably say it’s my favorite of the places I’ve been. There are some other places in the western US and Canada that may be prettier. Still, I feel very lucky to have finally managed to move here.

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