Estes Park webcam collection grows by four

Ypsilon Mt from Windcliff (screenshot)

Yesterday I added four new Estes Park, Colo., webcams to my collection. All four are live streaming, although you have to look closely at the tips of branches or the clouds to tell. (The “live” tag in the upper left corner will be blue when you’re looking at a live view.) They also show small speakers, indicating they have sound, but I can’t detect any. The cameras are based at Windcliff, a subdivision on the mountainside above and east of the YMCA Convention Center.

Click the captions to go to the live camera page.

Looking west from Windcliff (screenshot)
Windcliff parking (screenshot)
Looking west from Windcliff’s Awestruck cabin (screenshot)

17 thoughts on “Estes Park webcam collection grows by four

          1. You never know. A lottery win?
            Maybe as a family gathering – there are some off season dates where it is cheaper. You can cook/grill meals – not eating out saves a lot of money. Staying high up in the Mts is an experience everyone should have once….and then we have to scrape up and pay for it HAHA

          2. When I was little, most of our family vacations were spent in Allenspark, at about 8,500 feet. Several small restaurants/cafes, a stable, a little general store. Could walk to the nearest Wild Basin trailhead. But the seclusion my parents enjoyed didn’t include the mountain vistas that I love so much.

            Yes, a lottery win would be nice.

          3. I don’t know of anything to recommend. We always rented a cabin. They were quite rustic, and that was in the ’50s! No telling what’s there now.

          4. HAHA One of my vacation cabin finds was a “rustic” like ancient log cabin – small basic bath, light bulb hanging on a wire from ceiling, and you could see between the logs and the rain came in. Ah, everyone should have that experience as a child – teaches you to be grateful for what you have HAHA (They did not think it was funny back then – but it was very cool in it’s own way…luckily we did have sleeping bags)

          5. One of the first cabins I remember staying in (not in Allenspark) had a pump in the kitchen sink, a woodburning stove, and an outhouse. Ugh.

    1. I keep saying it’s my favorite place in the world, but to be accurate, I should probably say it’s my favorite of the places I’ve been. There are some other places in the western US and Canada that may be prettier. Still, I feel very lucky to have finally managed to move here.

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