My favorite webcams: Estes Park, Rocky Mountain NP, Front Range

(Updated Nov 24, 2017)
This is a collection of my favorite webcams from Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Ward, Nederland, Boulder, Denver, and Pikes Peak. I first published it in 2013 and have updated it many times since then. These webcams are my way of previewing the scenery, weather, traffic, or foliage if I’m planning a trip … or if I just want to revisit the places I love without leaving home.

The slideshows are representative screenshots (mouseover each for date). Links to current views appear below slideshows.

If you know of a great webcam in this area that I’ve missed, please let me know. Thanks!

Recently I’ve added a webcam map. It shows camera locations, views, and links to the live cams. Location names are shown in a dropdown list on the left (click the down arrow next to “All items”):



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Aerial Tramway, Prospect Mountain (looking north)
Aerial Tramway, Prospect Mountain (looking west)
Longs Peak
(from Prospect Mountain, elev. 8,459 ft. — with sound)
Fairgrounds – East
 (looking north to Hwy. 36 & Community Dr. intersection)
Fairgrounds – West
Lumpy Ridge
Old Church Shops (looking east along Elkhorn Ave.)
Old Church Shops (looking west along Elkhorn Ave.)
Highway 7 (looking south from Village Square)
Highway 7 (looking north from Village Square)
Glen Haven Downtown
Glen Haven Firehouse
Elkhorn Avenue (looking east)
Elkhorn Avenue (looking west, Bond Park across the street)

OTHER WEBCAMS IN ESTES PARK (update intervals vary)

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YMCA Conference Center (view from mountainside above)
Continental Divide (view from YMCA Conf. Center)
Castle Mountain
Little Valley (looking north across Estes Valley from near Twin Sisters)
Truta’s weather cam & current weather conditions (looking SW from north of Lake Estes)
Fall River (looking east from Castle Mountain Lodge)

ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK (National Park Service webcams)

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Alpine Visitor Center, Trail Ridge Road (elev. 11,796 ft, facing east toward Estes Park and looking into Fall River drainage basin; note Old Fall River Road coming up on the left. In the winter this camera shows only three views a day.)
Kawuneeche Valley
Longs Peak (elev. 14,259 ft, highest peak in RMNP)
Continental Divide (from Glacier Basin)
Fall River/US 34 Entrance
Beaver Meadows/US 36 Entrance

CDOT WEBCAMS IN THE AREA (for more views click any camera icon on CDOT’s map; CDOT cameras are often offline)

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Lily Lake (south of Estes Park on Hwy 7, elev. 8,930 ft, looking north)
Lily Lake (looking southwest; the perfect cam for checking fall foliage)
Cedarmont (east of Estes on Hwy 34, looking east)
Cedarmont (looking west on Hwy 34)
Highway 72 (looking north toward Hwy 7 intersection at top of hill)
Highway 72 (looking south toward Peaceful Valley)
Ward (looking south on Hwy 72, elev. 9,449 ft)
Ward (looking north on Hwy 72)


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Ward, Colo.
 (looking northwest)
Niwot Ridge TundraCam (located NW of Nederland at 11,000 ft.; live streaming, usually controllable)
Nederland, Colo. (looking SW into Indian Peaks wilderness)
Louisville and the Boulder Flatirons

Superior, Boulder Valley
Boulder Flatiron cam (best lighting before noon)
Boulder, view of Sugarloaf
Boulder Creek flood cam (looking NW from downtown near Arapahoe & Broadway)
Denver skyline (from Cheesman Park)
Denver skyline (from Museum of Nature and Science)
Pikes Peak summit rail stop (14,114 ft)
Pikes Peak summit panorama (rotating, 8 views)
Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak


Estes Park
Indian Peaks Wilderness
James Peak Wilderness
Niwot Ridge Research Station
Old Fall River Road
Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park hikes
Trail Ridge Road


National Park Service (includes local roads inside park: call 970-586-1222 for recorded message)
Colorado Department of Transportation (best for current highway conditions; click its blue/white “i” for legend)

If you are approaching Estes Park from the south on Hwy 7 and are headed to the park, I strongly suggest you take Marys Lake Road to avoid the heavy traffic in downtown Estes.

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18 replies

  1. Great news! Have really been missing my daily visit with the Alpine VCtr cam– forgot about CDOT views, and thanks for researching these new options!

  2. AH, all listed in one place!
    (Snow on Pikes Peak last week? Early winter? Need one of those mosquito killer ones this year fo sure)

  3. These webcams are great. I watched falcons living on the tower of Lincoln Cathedral for a long time. Great if the catch other things too. Love Estes Park. thanks for sharing this.

  4. Would love to see “LIVE” video streaming of the Aerial Tram in Estes Park instead of a still picture that refreshes ever 5 seconds. It says sound on that one too and there is not sound.


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