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Pied Type, WordPress, and the GDPR

In recent months we’ve heard a lot about internet privacy and privacy violations. Most notable, perhaps, was the Facebook data “leak” and related Congressional hearings. Then late last month came Europe’s GDPR — General Data Protection Regulation. It protects the privacy of EU residents but has a ripple effect in the US for companies that do business in Europe. That’s why you’ve been getting deluged with emails from various entities explaining their privacy policies.

To make a long story short, that’s also why you see (or saw) a privacy statement at the bottom of the page when you visited Pied Type today. It’s there to comply with the GDPR for EU readers. The statement, from WordPress, includes a link to a detailed explanation of what information is being gathered. Once you’ve closed it, you won’t see it again for some months.

Also, if you’re interested in reading more about the GDPR, try NPR’s “3 Things You Should Know About Europe’s Sweeping New Data Privacy Law.” It’s reasonably short and easy to understand.


  1. Yup. Tons of emails. But since there’s nothing I can do about it, I’m in the hands of the website, I typically just delete it. If I don’t agree, then I can’t use their site. Although this isn’t that severe – I didn’t notice your privacy statement right away but was able to view your site without agreeing to it. I know I should read everything that comes my way but I don’t have the time. Plus, most of the time, I don’t understand most of what any clauses/statements/notices says.

  2. I just dump it into the trash bin.
    Young dispersers been carrying on about this, I think it was a 50 thousand word essay on the evils of the European Union, the United Kingdoms of Great Brittain (his spelling not mine) and all things un-American; but then what can I expect from an Italian refugee to the USA 👿 😈 😀 🐻
    Hope he gets to read this 🙂

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