‘Batboy’ Jake a big hit at the ballpark

Here’s a burst of sunshine for your weekend: Jake the Diamond Dog. No politics here, unless maybe you don’t like dogs. (I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs.)

Come on now, everybody smile!

I borrowed this from Ronni Bennett’s Time Goes By. I don’t think she’ll mind sharing the sunshine.


26 thoughts on “‘Batboy’ Jake a big hit at the ballpark

        1. Even better for me, Jake’s a golden retriever, my favorite breed. I’ve owned 1.5 goldens (the remaining half is labrador retriever), and my brother had one.

          1. They are wonderful dogs, I alwyas wnated one but the women in my life have always told me “NO WAY TOO BIG”, have you ever heard such nonsense? I’m very happy with my Coco, he’s half American Cocker Spaniel half King Charlie Spaniel

  1. Jake makes me smile AND laugh! What a sweet, helpful boy! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this with us! 🙂

    My doggie, Cooper, and I enjoyed watching this vid! Cooper is too small to pick up a bat, but he can pick up small tennis balls (not regular size). Maybe he could be of help to small tennis players! 😛

    (((HUGS))) 🙂

    1. I’m a little more forgiving of people who don’t like cats, but only because my sister is so allergic she can’t even come into my house. But I love my kitty and have never been without at least one cat.

      1. Haha, allergies aside, when people don’t like cats, I take it as a sign that they don’t understand boundaries. Boundaries and respect. That’s how you win a cat cover. Tummy rubs and overt affection are for dogs. I had dogs until adulthood when I got a cat. I’ve been converted. 😄

          1. They don’t play together, but they tolerant each other. The dog occasonally tries to play but I warn her off. She’s 70 lbs. The cat’s only 10 lbs and getting old. I’ve had many instances of dog and cat(s) together and never had a problem. Introduce them slowly and with a watchful eye. Make sure they know you won’t tolerate any misbehavior. (Actually, you can train the dog. Not much you can tell a cat.)

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