Wishing everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July

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  1. And same to you, PT! This holiday is especially significant this year because our government has openly rejected the ethos represented by Lady Liberty. The vote this November will reveal whether the body politic understands what she stands for and what is really happening.

  2. johnthecook…as I think about the 4th of July and why America celebrates this day in US History,an interesting thought comes to mind…To all those who doubt that our Founding Fathers,and those people who “penned” the very words of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence,and SIGNED those very documents,were believers in a Supreme Being;even God.
    They would not,just as you and I would not, sign an official document they/we did not believe in. Please refer to a Noah Webster 1828 American Dictionary Of The English Language to define the following words: created, Creator, gods, God, Supreme Being, Divine Providence, Natures God, Laws of Nature, Supreme Judge Of The World,evils referring to moral evils. These very words are found in our Declaration Of Independence. WHY did our Founding Fathers use these exact words? Those words were not used lightly or fiverously,but with great concern and forethought. They were fighting for their very existence as an Sovereign Nation.
    I submit their words do not/did not reflect the idea that mankind evolved from a monkey or a one celled ameba from the sea,or evolved from a speck of dust from outer space,…no they believed in a Creator,YES this is my opinyon.

    • Regardless of their personal religious beliefs, they were wise enough to establish a government that did not require or dictate any religious doctrine to anyone and in fact espoused the separation of church and state.

      • johnthecook…You are absolutely correct! .Religion does not always rear its ugly head in “church”. There are other organizations where the definition of religion does apply. Even The Supreme Court recognized it as such. The “Christian” church does not run our Government,but I do submit to you that there is another organization that has a death grip around the throat of America that will choke the life blood out of us if “we the people” are not careful.

“We have met the enemy and he is us." ~ Pogo

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