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    • I’m always just glad to have survived another year. No great expectations for the new year. Saw some video of your Sydney fireworks. One of the best shows in the world! Certainly beats anything I’ve seen here.

      • ld you believe I’ve lived here for more than 40 years and have never seen it? True. Fireworks do nothing for me. Where I live I can hear them exploding, I suppose if I bothered to look out of the window I’d get to see some of it, but I’m usually trying to get some sleep.
        Sydney with our ‘ The Bridge’ (it’s always called that everywhere in Oz) is the ideal backdrop for such a display I must agree

        • Bridges over harbors are the best possible venue, with the water reflecting everything, but you guys do bridges better than anyone. And then you have that gorgeous opera house besides. I’d encourage you to see the show at least once. But then, I saw it on video about two hours ago, at about 8 pm here. I may not stay up til midnight either. There’s nothing to see here and watching a celebration from NY that happened two hours ago doesn’t really appeal. Furthermore we have snow here and approx 0 degrees (F) downtown!

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