Hickenlooper’s hat

Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (Joe Amon, The Denver Post)

It’s hard to guess how the large and growing Democratic field for president in 2020 is going to shake out. But here in Colorado we’d like to put in a good word for our former governor John Hickenlooper. He’s a good guy, a nice guy, a moderate guy. And he managed to get a lot done even when the legislature was starkly divided along party lines.

If you non-Coloradans remember him at all, it’s probably because of the funny name. Or maybe you saw one of his quirky commercials. Like his 2010 ad where he showered, fully clothed, to wash off all the negative campaigning.

The “serious” announcement ad below is probably too long. The shower ad is probably not the type needed for a presidential campaign. But moderation and common sense? We could use a lot more of those.


10 thoughts on “Hickenlooper’s hat

    1. Strange, isn’t it? And by all indications he’s honest, too. Probably not the sort of guy who can get elected these days. People want firebrands, angry people who’ll strike down the oppostion at every turn. The kinds of people I’m afraid of.

  1. Pity about the name, it’s not the name to inspire confidence, more likely ridicule, bound to be some nasty types come up with something along the lines of partypooper or worse.

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