Worried about Ronni Bennett

Ronni Bennett several years ago

Update, Mar 19: As of 6 pm MDT yesterday, Time Goes By was back on line.

I have a request for any of you who follow Ronni Bennett at her Time Goes By blog. For several days I’ve been unable reach her blog. I get an error message whenever I try. She’s been undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer and I’m worried about her. Could one or more of you please let me know if you can reach her blog? I’d appreciate it.

Of course it’s always possible that I inadvertently said something offensive and earned a permanent ban. But I’m more concerned that her blog might have suddenly gone offline.

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  1. Just tried to access her blog through safari on my iPad and it says safari not connected or something like that…I bet it’s a glich

    1. Makes me think maybe the glitch is on her end. If it’s a glitch. I just keep worrying that she or someone terminated the blog … but that doesn’t sound like something she’d do without some kind of notice.

      At one point I was able to access her last post (about the robot doctor), but every time I tried to enter a comment, it failed.

      Thanks for your feedback.

      1. So glad your site came up on my search for an answer. Thank you for making the inquiry for all of us who are wondering. I too assume it’s a technical glitch but also feel concern for Ronni…

          1. I clicked on the link in your first sentence and went straight to the blog. March 13th seems to be the last entry.

  2. I can’t get it PT get a massage saying This site can’t be reached http://www.timegoesby.net refused to connect.

    Sadly there is no known cure for pancreatic cancer, as yet, PT, I was told this by Nurse Susan, who, you may recall, was God’s aka Dr Sandroussi’s, number 1 helper

    She ran that night, which I attended, which was to raise funds for research into pancreatic cancer, a couple of years back,

    1. Yep, that’s the error message I get.

      She’s already been told she’s terminal. She had major surgery last year, was clear for a few months, and then the cancer returned early this year. She’s been amazing through it all, continuing to blog as though nothing is wrong. A truly remarkable woman.

      1. Some fold up, and can’t face it when told they have cancer, others press on regardless, obviously she is one of the later, and a woman of great courage. She will die with dignity.

  3. I am relieved to hear that others are experiencing the same thing. But now I’m worried about why Ronni has gone missing. I don’t think the blog was terminated – I recall her making plans for it to continue for at least five years after she is gone. Could she be traveling? And maybe the automated blog posts during her absence have failed? Thank you for posting about it.

    1. Oh that’s right. She did mention she’d paid five years in advance. That does make it unlikely anyone took it down. Sounds more and more like a computer problem at her end.

  4. I read her daily, and missed the Saturday post of sharing all kinds of things…and the music on Sunday. Can’t get anything but an error message for TimeGoesBy.net. I hope someone on her end will get it straightened out. Ronni has been there sharing for all this time, so I’m pretty sure this is her internet site, or computer that is messed up. Hope to hear from her soon.

    1. Hope she’s got a good tech person who can help her get squared away. We bloggers can get extremely frustrated when our tools don’t work properly and we can’t get online.

      And thanks. I hadn’t thought to check Twitter and Facebook.

  5. I just. He led the link again in BRb Rogers comment. It went through including the comments. It was the blog about the robot doctor. I hope this means it’s fixed! I’d really miss her and her wonderful blog!

    1. LOL. I know the feeling.

      Yes, I got through to her blog around dinnertime. So glad to see it’s back up and running. Looking forward to hearing from her again.

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