Words fail

Notre Dame Cathedral burns (AP Photo/Thibault Camus) (Thibault Camus)

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    1. Historically, architecturally, artistically, and culturally, it is unique and beyond value. A world treasure, not just a French treasure. How it was originally financed is a small part of its overall story. What was destroyed can be rebuilt, but won’t be the same. What’s gone is gone. In time this will just become part of the cathedral’s continuing story.

      1. To think of all the craftsmen and artists who worked on Notre Dame in all of its centuries of construction, working on a structure whose completion they would never see, similar to planting a tree under whose shade you’ll never sit. I hope that same level of devotion and craftsmanship happens again.

        1. Surely they will bring in and/or consult the world’s best. Or at least, the best of those willing to devote the time. Devotion and craftsmanship may be harder to come by these days.

  1. Hate to be a spoiler but I’ve been wondering why the bloke the church was built for let it burn.
    There are better cathedrals in England I believe, and quite a bit older too.
    The Durham cathedral was started in William the Conks time and is the only one left of that period.

    1. I’m not well informed on cathedrals in general. I just happened to have seen and read enough about this one to appreciate its architectural significance. The destruction or damage of any great historical/cultural structures always saddens me.

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