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Kanye gets on Colorado ballot

Kanye West

Kanye West (Evan Vucci / AP)

Well, isn’t this special. Kanye West is following through on his threat/promise to run for US president. And here in Colorado, he’s made it onto the ballot as an Unaffiliated candidate.

It’s easy peasy in this crazy state. Fill out a form, pay $1,000, and get 9 registered Colorado voters to agree to be your electors. That’s it. That’s why there were 28 presidential candidates on Colorado’s 2016 ballot.

Word is the GOP is encouraging and supporting his candidacy in the hope that the tiny percent of votes he garners will reduce those for Joe Biden — making just enough difference for Trump to eke out a victory. Desperation, anyone?

Just what we need. Two candidates with mental/emotional problems. West is bipolar and admittedly off his meds. And Trump … well, last night Seth Meyers described his numerous problems as “bad brain.” Even a child can understand that.

If we’re going to have childish individuals running for president, maybe we should let children vote. We couldn’t do any worse than the last four years.



  1. Actually, I think it will backfire. Those who want trump out will vote for Biden. It’s those on the fence who are right-leaning, but not really sure they want to vote for trump again, that will vote for Kanye. I don’t see Kanye taking very many of the black votes. He’s really not liked that much anymore. Plus, most are laughing at him now.


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