Your Covid vaccination — to be or not to be

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  1. Same here, all the fuss about getting your first jab of Pfizer then 21 days for the next one, because the second Pfizer vaccine jab hasn’t been tested for efficacy beyond 21 days. Now the Government has moved that to three months between. Also now the Oxford vaccine is out the Government has said you are not guaranteed getting the same vaccine in the two jabs. So a lot have had the Pfizer vaccine but could get an Oxford vaccine for the second jab. Something manufacturers said was a bad idea and Pfizer say they cannot guarantee efficacy if the second jab is given longer than 21 days apart.

    1. It’s really worrisome. I was so happy having gotten the first shot. Now I’m worried the second one won’t be there when the manufacturer said it should be. Moderna said four weeks between shots, and that’s exactly what I want. That’s the only tested and approved way to do it and I don’t think the “all-knowing” government should be tinkering with that. If any of its changes affect the efficacy of the vaccine, a huge new problem will have been created.

  2. There is a similar situation going on in the UK, and I can understand why the government would want to get as many people vaccinated as possible, but they should have looked into that, and the pros and cons of it before now. That way, at least people would have some idea as to what’s going on.

    1. That’s the problem with the federal government controlling the supply but the states controlling the vaccinations. Sometimes a single plan is needed for everyone, regardless of state borders, and I think this is one of those times. Washington should have had an all-encompassing plan in place for the entire country before distribution ever began.

  3. Another problem I read about was the increase in virus mutations. The bigger the gap between the jabs the more time it gives the virus to mutate and counter the vaccine, a bit like the problem they are having with antibiotics. Where the bacteria is getting a taste of the antibiotic and mutating to get around it. Just heard about a Japanese mutation, so all travel to and from there will be next.

    1. The gap between shots should be dictated by the manufacturers and strictly adhered to. Period. As for mutations of the virus, I think I read somewhere that the US has one of its own now.

  4. I just knew it would be a flop. With trump at the helm, no way would it have been successful. Just like any company needs a President, CEO, etc, the Fed should have been the in charge overall, but in close, tight communication with each state. working closely together to make it successful. When you have a fool in charge, what else would you expect to happen?

    1. Everybody at lower levels is working so hard to get people vaccinated, but the lack of direction at the top has let chaos reign. There are times when a strong federal government needs to run things, not the states, and I think this is one of them.

    1. My second one is scheduled a week from today. Just hope it’s there when I get there.

      I realize I’ve been posting less. I suppose it’s because with Trump gone I don’t have anything to complain about, relatively speaking. I’ve just relaxed and started enjoying the peace and quiet. Thoughtful of you to notice.

    2. Thoughtful of you to notice. Second shot is scheduled for next Saturday. I guess with Trump gone I haven’t had much to say. Just enjoying the peace and quiet!

  5. Ha Ha, I steer clear of commenting on your politics over there because the comments and blogs I have seen from U.S. citizens is disturbing sometimes. There is such rabid hate in some that I am not surprised there is so much gun crime. It is good to have some time to reflect and get on with your life outside of the online community, it can take over your life if you let it. Glad to hear you are ok. The second jab is the worst, so I have heard. Seven days after that you should be fully protected.

    1. It seems like all the hate and extremism I read about are always somewhere else, not in my neighborhood or city. And yet, one can’t help being unnerved by it. But this week I’ve worried more about getting my second Covid shot. The weather forecast for that day promises snow and I normally don’t drive in bad weather.

    1. Absolutely. And precisely four weeks later. Exactly what the science dictates. As it turns out, the day has dawned bright and clear, with no snow predicted for several more days. Perfect driving weather.

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