Jan. 6 — A knife in the nation’s heart

Washington, DC, January 6, 2021. (Reuters/Leah Millis/File Photo)

This must not stand.
The man responsible must be held accountable.

10 thoughts on “Jan. 6 — A knife in the nation’s heart

  1. johnthecook…IF your getting your News concerning this caption from these reliable(???) News sources: Google News; Facebook; Bloomberg Media; Washington Post; New York Times; CNN; ABC; CBS; MSNBC; I urge extreme caution in formulating an opinion based solely on these MSM outlets.

    1. John, I get my information from a great number of sources, as should you. As for the caption on this image, I deleted the original one, leaving only the place, date, and requisite credit to the source. Are you suggesting this is NOT a photo of the riot at the US Capitol on Jan. 6?

      1. I consult many different sources because I want to know the facts, not just one source’s interpretation of them.
        As is said so often in one form or another: “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.” ― Daniel Patrick Moynihan

    2. I had to look it up. MSM = Main Stream Media.

      With respect, John, if the MSM were some kind of vast liberal conspiracy, democracy would be truly lost. But, I don’t believe it. Professional journalism has been a critical part of the USA’s system of government since the founding, and before. I believe that an educated person can tell by circumspection from a variety of sources, including photos and clips, where truth lies. But, it is also possible for that same person to willfully believe otherwise and embrace paranoia and conspiracy theories. Reliance on science is critical to truth, something obviously lacking in the administration just past. That’s a big clue.

      What the current political divide comes down to, IMO, is whether to accept the Earth in all its diversity and interdependence (cultural, spiritual and economic), or to choose to support authoritarianism and isolationism. We have just tried the latter for four years and it was a close race. The butterfly effect is real and the future is open. The fate of spaceship Earth hangs in the balance.

  2. Or woman(women)
    Why wasn’t there more security? The FBI warned everyone a week before about the groups coming: the mayor, Pelosi, Schemer, even AOC knew a mob was coming.(She also admitted she was never threatened and was in another building 7-10 min away – her “hall mates”- even one in the next office said there was no one in their hall and the Capitol police protected them and moved them several times. Enough staged drama – it’s inflammatory, too)
    Why wasn’t there security on the grounds the night before – knowing a mob was coming – to grab that slim person putting out those pipe bombs the night before? Slim enough for a woman on security cam
    Why did the officer shoot that woman – he was not threatened – it’s on video – but the result was a death and a stampede. And pepper spray/bear repellant inhaled by that officer that died (autopsy showed death not by blunt force trauma/fire extinguisher but inhalant – sprayed by both sides.
    FBI said and has arrested extremists from both political ends. Great.
    Antifa is still marching in DC at night saying “Burn it down”
    Double great.
    We all hoped after the election things would temper, but no.
    Sick of the whole mess –
    Yep anyone threatening the president/congress or using hyperemotional inflammatory language should be called on it – both sides. Over the past 4 years, far too many elected officials have stepped over the line and now everyone thinks it’s OK.
    The public deserves answers to what happened and people held accountable.
    And get that darn barbed wire down and the National Guard sent to their homes

    1. I stopped reading about it after Biden was inaugurated. I was too drained to keep wallowing in it. Now it’s back. The instigator-in-chief has been called out and impeached. Now he needs to be convicted and prohibited from ever again holding federal office. I know, I know. It won’t happen. But I’ll watch the headlines, just in case.

      1. Along with all the other destroyers.
        Yep, sound and fury signifying …
        Meanwhile rents are due, kids definitely going to need tutors and smaller classes if any hope of catching up, there’s huge tent cities, suicides, you have to show negative COVID test to enter US by air, but not by land.
        You guys in DC go out behind the shed or gym or wherever and get the grudge match over – quickly – then get started on the people’s business! We thought it would be better – and we’re exhausted by the hyper emotion
        Sigh (Apparently they have under house arrest a man who is said to be a main instigator…former FBI…still tracking that all down. What a mess – all fermented by the discord over the last few years. Hate really brings unity…the wrong kind)
        (But yes, new news station is encouraging….not that you can trust any of them any more. Hope springs eternal) (stay warm – may snow here after weekend…gut it up plants HAHA)

      2. We’re not getting any of the snow that’s hitting the mountains, but it is and has been COLD. Below zero (at night) predicted for the weekend.

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