Doggo rescue: So Colorado!

Lucky pup! (Photo: Chaffee County Search and Rescue North)

I was browsing the internet this evening and somehow stumbled across this photo. What a picture. “Only in Colorado” was my first thought. Okay, so maybe not only in Colorado, but how often might you see this someplace else?

Just as interesting was the accompanying article by Spencer McKee in OutThere Colorado:Tips and tricks: Dog owners reminded to consider pup safety while hiking in Colorado.” The information is worthwhile no matter where you hike or walk with your dog.

So many dogs in Colorado. So many hikers. So many hikers with dogs. Gotta love it. Just don’t count on having four volunteers haul your dog out.

Even if you don’t live in Colorado, if you love dogs you’ll probably enjoy the article. And be sure to bookmark it if you plan to hike here con perrito. Even the link for dog rescue gear is interesting, although I blanch at the mere thought of trying to carry my 60-pound pupper down a rocky mountain trail (or anywhere else, for that matter). I’d have to cut down two poles with my trusty knife and tear my shirt into strips and build a travois.

Anyway, stay cool, ya’ll. And make sure your furry friends stay cool too. It was 101˚ in Denver today.  Supposed to be hotter tomorrow. Oh, joy.

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