Alaska, anyone?

16 thoughts on “Alaska, anyone?”

  1. It was an oppressive 86 at Fall River after beginning the day at 48 — but compared to your 100, i better not complain. Flying through volcanic ash clouds is dangerous to aircraft for the abrasive particles in the clouds, but not sure if wildfire smoke is avoided for the same reason.

    If we all went to AK, we could stop at Brooks Falls & watch the bears, too!!

    1. 86 up there is ridiculous, but I do recall one day earlier this summer when I looked and it was 90. So much of Estes with no A/C. I hope you’re doing okay.

      I remember when planes couldn’t fly through volcanic ash above Alaska some years ago. I am clueless about the issue here, given night landings, storm landings, etc.

      I just read that the smoke is causing visibility problems so the planes have to be spaced out more. I guess when it’s clear, they bring them in a lot closer together. Plus maybe they need visibility to handle all the traffic on the ground?

      Oh, I’ll bet those bears are nice and cool. And so many salmon I could almost catch one myself.

    1. Judging from what I’ve seen and heard, it’s an awesome place. My nephew is a geologist up there based in Anchorage. And my brother left Colorado for a few years to live up there (on Kenai Peninsula), but came back because the darkness got him down. As Mom always said, we’re sunbelt babies.

      1. I’m glad the odd hours and seasons of daylight don’t affect your enjoyment of that beautiful place. The pictures my nephew has sent me are just spectacular (he skis, hikes, climbs, etc.)

  2. You know, if we just raked our forests, we wouldn’t have all these fires….

    p.s. Just had carpal tunnel release surgery on my left hand now (yesterday). So all done. Just time to heal now. Right is a thousand times better. Left is better already. I can type a paragraph without it feeling like my fingers are swelling and going to explode.

      1. I LOVE being able to mouse and type again and not feel like my fingers are going to swell and explode. Where the incision is on my right hand (that was done a month ago) is still sensitive, but it healed wonderfully. Now just a matter of nursing my left hand like I did with my right. This time the doc let me look inside my hand. Showed me the tendons and a few other things. Loved it!

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