Seeing is almost not believing

Readers may recall when, not too long ago, I posted screenshots of a guy running the steps at Red Rocks amphitheater. He cleared all the snow off the steps before running in nothing more than briefs and sneakers. This might even be the same guy. Looks like maybe the same dog.

However, this time he chose to run down the steps — backwards. And at an almost unbelievable speed. Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to embed the video. It’s a TikTok video (via sabina_3o3/TikTok) running on a Facebook site, and I don’t do either.

Showoff? Sure. But I’m still impressed. Very impressed. I’m reminded of what a cousin once said many years ago: “It’s not bragging if it’s true.”

And yes, this might easily have been a fake video … if he hadn’t turned around at the end.

Credit where credit is due. I first saw this in my newsletter from Out There Colorado.

P.S. Aha! Here we go:

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