Meanwhile at Red Rocks amphitheater …

I was just browsing my favorite webcams in search of some good snowy screenshots and found this lonely individual (far left ) shoveling snow at Red Rocks amphitheater. Why? Does he want a clear path to run the stairs? Is he showing his dog how it’s done? Does he need a clear path to the stage (there are shorter, easier ways to get there) for some kind of flash mob? Demonstrating proper technique to the masses waiting just off camera? Clearing the entire amphitheater for some kind of show later? Why do you suppose he’s doing this?

Several hours later I checked again and found this:

He’s wearing only a cap, briefs, and shoes. And the other guy is shirtless. Well, to each his own. It’s only 19° in Thornton (30 miles north of Red Rocks) at the moment. Oops, never mind. Google tells me it’s 22° at Red Rocks.

10 thoughts on “Meanwhile at Red Rocks amphitheater …

  1. Gotta be runners. Runners who need good tans? Yesterday i did some shoveling near South Denver, but wore 3 shirts, a heavy fleece, down vest, 2 stocking hats, fleece lined leggings under heavy jeans & Muck boots – plus hand warmers inside fleece mittens. Still froze!!

    1. When I was at CU, we sunbathed in maybe 50° weather, but we were in the sun, out of the wind. I don’t know what this is unless some really outdoor guy is trying to toughen up even more. I dunno, maybe he’s training for Mt. Everest or something (although “fitness freak” also comes to mind).

  2. That’s quite a theater, I’d like to see it in person sometime. There are runners in my family, not me, they are all nuts especially the marathoners and tri-athletes.

    1. I understand it’s one of the most prized venues in the country and that everyone wants to play Red Rocks. I’m kind of sad that I’ve never been to a show there and these days doubt I could handle all the stairs, the crowds, etc. My daughter-in-law did suggest she could put me in a wheelchair and I’d be in a special section down in front.

      I was a jogger/runner for a few years back in the ’70s. The craziest I got was running in very lightweight clothes in pretty cold weather — all the while aware that if I stumbled while at the outer end of my loop, I’d probably freeze to death.

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