What you see is what I got

I needn’t confess because if you’ve been here before, it’s obvious. I succumbed to temptation, boredom, and a persistent creative itch and installed a new theme. Again. For any confusion I’ve created for you, I apologize. But the chance to have a dark theme — optional at that — finally wore me down. I was taught very early that color images “pop” with dark backgrounds, but also that reverse type (light on dark background) “shimmers” and is hard to read. But I couldn’t resist escaping hours staring at a glaring light screen.

The bonus is that you don’t have to like it. Just scroll to the bottom right corner of the page and with a click go from dark to light. Or light to dark. Whatever suits you. Perfect for indecisive individuals like me.

Changing the theme this time was a leap of faith because when you are using a WordPress block-based theme you cannot, as was previously possible, preview your current content in a new block-based theme. Or something like that. I don’t really understand it beyond knowing that if I wanted to change the previous theme (Resonar) to this theme (Twenty Twenty-One), a preview was not possible. Talk about a leap of faith …

If it’s still March 16, 2022, you are looking at the Twenty Twenty-One theme. If it’s a later date, who knows.

What this and previous theme changes are doing and have done to more than 3,000 older posts is anyone’s guess. (I cringe to think). But you’ve been warned. I’m not going back to check each one.

6 thoughts on “What you see is what I got

  1. I read on mobile using the Word Press app, and so the change doesn’t make any difference to that view, it’s status quo all the way down. Congrats on your bravery though!!!

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