A world on tenterhooks

12 thoughts on “A world on tenterhooks”

    1. Sanctions aren’t and won’t keep the Ukrainians from dying. And they won’t stop Putin. Yet if we do anything in Ukraine …
      And of course Putin is counting on our reticence, on the world’s reticence.

  1. Chillingly accurate, this. He’s got to be irrational, just based on the photo of him distancing himself from his top military guys with a 20 foot table. The only political off-ramp I can see is for Zelensky to offer not to join NATO and hope that’s enough. Ukraine can always change its mind later. Russia does that all the time!

  2. johnthecook…kowtowing to a bully it tantamount to admitting defeat. RUSSIA will not be satisfied until it can once again refer to the Ukraine as “Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.”

    1. I’m reminded of the ongoing appeasement of Hitler. Except this time “Hitler” has nukes. The world is almost 100% united in support of Ukraine, and yet Ukraine fights alone. By the time sanctions really take hold, there will be no Ukraine left. Cooler heads than mine must make and are making the decisions here. I just wish I had more faith in them.

  3. This cartoon is a scene in my nightmares. Never felt the US would strike; haven’t really worried about a nuclear world war in my lifetime since “duck and cover” days – and the 1985(?) movie “Wargames.” Even Joshua learned global thermonuclear war is not the answer….

    1. No one my age will forget the Cuban missile crisis (1962). Nor will I forget the ’50s when my brother flew routine SAC patrols in the far north, in conjunction with the DEW line, to intercept any incoming missiles or planes.

  4. When it comes to deciding whether NATO or the US should stand up to Putin, I wonder if I’d rather be dead than red. I think so. When I wonder whether everyone on Earth would rather be dead than red… I pause.

    1. Well, we know we can’t speak for others. And there’s not much you and I can do but wait and see what our government does. It looks like we’re content to let Ukraine fall, but hope the sanctions will convince Putin that Ukraine is enough. If he doesn’t stop there, we and the rest of the world will have no place to hide. “The war to end all wars” didn’t; the next one surely will.

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