At last, something to cheer about

Image: SpaceX

This week Elon Musk’s company SpaceX successfully launched the world’s most powerful rocket and put his personal Tesla roadster into space, complete with the dummy “Starman” at the wheel. Shades of P.T. Barnum. But, WOW!

Just like the old days with NASA launches, I got goosebumps when those gigantic engines fired up and Falcon Heavy lifted off the pad. And just as I was digesting those videos (I missed the live telecast), another one came across showing two booster rockets landing successfully and simultaneously. To quote the kids, “Mind blown!”

I love this stuff. I’d prefer NASA do it, but still, I can’t get enough of it. SpaceX was hoping for a Mars orbit but overshot it. I don’t care. There’s something silly and yet magnificent about launching a red roadster into space.

Image: SpaceX


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  1. I agree. It was phenomenal! And all those young smart people cheering for their success…gives one hope in our presently crazy world

  2. Absolutely hysterical and wonderful – I’m asking him for commemorative T-shirts. We need to keep the excitement and creativity on hyper drive.
    (Actually NASA was populated by private contractors – their office signs were/are everywhere., so it’s really not much different except the gov salaries are dragging the budget down…may turn out to be a more productive – shame gov. didn’t do a better job as it would have been more open/fo humanity and less profit driven…but politics ruins everything.)
    One thing that really bothered me is a neighborhood mom saying she picked up her daughter that afternoon at middle school and asked what the kids’ reactions to the event was – and the girls didn’t know anything about it – not one word/image/discussion about it in science, history, creative writing/thinking…zero – zilch.
    So much for sparking kids’ interest and making sure they experienced history. The mom took her kid right home and they watched it over and over again.
    We need that enthusiasm, that excitement, those dreams to build and take hold

  3. Hard to imagine schools not telling about this. Could it be that’s it’s a private enterprise and not the government? At least it was all over the news.

  4. I thought, by the heading, that chump oooops trump, had resigned; couldn’t be that lucky.

    Must admit that anything like this grabs me, although it was a terrible waste of money really, I read that this vehicle will circle the sun for 100’s of millions of years, long after humans are extinct I’d imagine.

    What I think would have been better had the car been pointed out into deeper space and told GO and just keep travelling out forever, now wouldn’t that have been something, just imagine in a few hundred million years time coming upon a new earth way out in space and time?

  5. I heard about this after the fact, and would have watched, had I known. I agree, kids would have loved it, and would remember it for the rest of their lives—or maybe not, since there seems to be a new and amazing scientific event almost every day!

    • You may be right. With all the amazing technology we have today, maybe a space launch like this isn’t nearly as big a deal as it was “back in the day.” I’m still boggled that our moon astronauts were using computers no more powerful than our cellphones today.

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