Holy halfpipe, Batman!

Hope everyone was watching last night when Shaun White won Olympic gold in the men’s halfpipe. He was crying, I was crying. Seemed like everyone was crying. I’m not going into all the details about what it took for him to get to this point, or where the Olympics are being held, or anything like that. If you’re a fan, you know. If not, just watch and be amazed:

If you’re impatient, he drops in at 1:30. The almost-two-minute wait at the end is for his score to be calculated and announced. And yes, he apologized for letting the flag touch the ground.

(My apologies. The Olympics blocked all the videos except the one on YouTube, so you’ll have to click on the link to watch it there.)

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  1. I can’t be bothered watching Olympics anymore, I liked it when the sportsmen and women had to be amateurs, now it’s just a business

    • Aw, sorry to hear you say that. Regardless of the money that may or may not be backing those young people, they still have to have the skill to do what they do. And what Shaun White did doesn’t even look humanly possible. To me his wealth doesn’t diminish his accomplishments in any way.

      • I also can’t stand the hype, the ads, the camaraderie which always feels so put on. he second and third place getters saying how they admire the winner and all the garbage they carry on with when in truth they’d like to strangle the winners for screwing the advertizing deals that they’d have got if they won. I don’t know about your “athletes” but ours don’t have to work for a living they just go to sports schools that are funded by the taxpayers and when they do make it big time they don’t have to pay anything back like my daughter had to when she started work they just keep the lot and go on doing nothing for the people that paid their way and are treated as some sort of hero. Me I just cant stomach them. Which isn’t surprising really. 😈

  2. The Olympics took the video down. Bummer.

  3. Many of the “new”/current Olympic sports make you grin over all the energy, enthusiasm, of the young. Does it all look like fun or what?

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