Untitled. By Erik Stensland. Copyright © 2018 Images of RMNP. Reprinted with permission.

Estes Park, CO, photographer Erik Stensland published this untitled photo on his Facebook page on February 10. A study of strength, winter beauty, solitude. Certainly as arresting as any sweeping landscape and perhaps even more thought-provoking …

As it happened, February 10 would have been my dad’s 107th birthday. And this tree sort of reminds me of him, standing tall, strong, and unbowed in the face of any storm.

Categories: Green, Photography

16 replies

  1. My dad would be 113 in two weeks. He died young, 76 in 1981. Now I’m 83 still getting on everyones nerves, ‘cept for disperser, I keep him going 😀

  2. That looks like the top 5-6′ of a much taller tree that’s been completely buried in a blizzard.

  3. Feb. 10 was my dad’s birthday too. He would’ve been 76.

    Beautiful photo.

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