Untitled. By Erik Stensland. Copyright © 2018 Images of RMNP. Reprinted with permission.

Estes Park, CO, photographer Erik Stensland published this untitled photo on his Facebook page on February 10. A study of strength, winter beauty, solitude. Certainly as arresting as any sweeping landscape and perhaps even more thought-provoking …

As it happened, February 10 would have been my dad’s 107th birthday. And this tree sort of reminds me of him, standing tall, strong, and unbowed in the face of any storm.

16 thoughts on “Stoic

          1. Though mine lived within a few miles, (we were not on metric in England) we rarely visited, I have a vary old grainy photo and I might get around to including it in a post someday, Not many had a granddad and grandma born the year Lincoln died

          2. That Lincoln thing is certainly notable. I remember both of my grandmothers, but neither grandfather. No idea when any of them were born.

          3. My sister is a bit of a nutter and has traced some of our ancestors back until the 17th century. Actually, I think some are just wishful thinking. she even has a knight amongst, them along with one sentenced to death and then transported to the colonies. All seems rather bizarre to me

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