Samoas and Thin Mints and Trefoils, oh my!

An enterprising San Diego Girl Scout recently sold more than 300 boxes of her cookies in six hours by positioning herself outside a marijuana dispensary. While the Scouts and authorities discuss the legality and propriety of her action, I can’t help thinking of an equally smart scout here in Thornton, Colo. She stationed herself in front of a carry-out pizza parlor on Super Bowl Sunday. I know that because my son bought some cookies from her in addition to his pizzas. I don’t know how many boxes she sold, but I thought it was a great idea. (I know, I know, parents probably come up with these ideas, but sales are sales and the Scouts are a great cause.)

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  1. I have a Brownie in my family… and I will definitely pass her these information! Smart and hilarious !

    • Too bad the Super Bowl is only one day a year. Anybody selling cookies in front of my supermarket on Super Bowl weekend would have made a fortune. But the pizza parlors and any place selling wings would have been even better.

  2. I took my little daughters into a sorority house one time during cookie sales. Of course, now my girls are all in their 30’s…..

  3. Some kids just have a sixth sense—they start so early!

  4. Clever – half of sales is knowing where to place the product. Got a grin out of this second successful location. (Parents may help, but kids are pretty smart and observant these days….makes it hard on other scouts that didn’t grab the idea first – they have sales contests now for top seller.)

  5. Scout leaders can be a narrow minded lot.

    I recall they gave me the boot on the first day, I attended the cubs meeting, just because I sneaked out from the meeting, climbed upon the roof and blew all the fuses in the light box, and the lights went out.

    It seemed like a good idea at the time.

    I lasted2 meetings of the Boys Brigade, and then nobody else would have me, can’t for the life of me understand why, even to this day. I thought they were supposed to encourage boys with initiative

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." ~ Edmund Burke

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