A rose by any name

The photo on the left (or top) promotes “Osiria Hybrid Tea Rose Seeds, Rare Exotic Blood Red and White Rose Seeds” on Ebay. The photo on the right: “SEMI ROSE PURPLE OSIRIA 50 pcs rare seeds of exotic flower, perennial flowers, rare pink – high quality selected seeds” appears on Etsy.

Notice anything peculiar about these pictures? Given that the photo on the right is obviously a color-manipulated copy of the photo on the left, I guarantee I wouldn’t buy from that seller. As for the seller on the left, I’m thinking I just wouldn’t be buying rose seeds online. By the time you see any blooms, the sellers could be long gone. And who starts roses from seed anyway? In my very limited experience with them, you buy a small plant/bush with 3 or 4 stems and a wrapped root ball. That way you know you’re at least starting with something green and alive.

That said, if the rose on the left is real … wow!

10 thoughts on “A rose by any name

  1. I’ve never seen a Rose like that. Even if it’s genuine, I should imagine it would need to be grown by an expert to get any sort of decent flower from it. I love Roses and some of the hybrid ones aren’t that easy to cultivate. 😊

    1. I can’t grow anything but average shrubs and bushes. Flowers are beyond me. When I moved in here years ago, there was a house up the hill surrounded by gorgeous, lovingly kept rose bushes. I imagined a Japanese gardener or some such living there. Then the house apparently changed owners and almost overnight the beautiful roses transformed into pink plastic flamingos! Ugh!

    1. Check out the website for the second rose. Ridiculous pictures Blue bananas. Black strawberries. Etc. And the seeds that were sent to someone look to me like pumpkin seeds.

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