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Because dogs

This is just a little something for those of us in need of some good feels:

I must admit this leaves me wondering where there are apartments that allow dogs this big.

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  1. You can find apts that allow dogs, but usually the dogs have to pay additional rent on top of the human rent – what’s with that….you can have a human roommate for no extra charge, but…? Some places have a weight limit ( like some hotels do)
    Denver has a “aggressive breed” list which limits in the city limits with what dogs can apply for apt. residence (Like many breed can’t be a problem/aggressive. The German was quite offended. She of perfect manners and who had graced high-rises and elevators across the country during her career and retirement.)
    Enjoyed the cute video – we need smile – and miles of them!

    1. I knew a lot of apartments allowed dogs — with a lot of rules and restrictions. It just never occurred to me that dogs as big as these would be allowed. I always thought of, say, cat-sized dogs. Certainly I’d appreciate the dispensation if I were new in town and already had a big dog, but I’d be looking frantically for a house and yard.

  2. …very cute video, but they must have VERY patient neighbours, because living on that floor, or on the floor below, that kind of full-out activity would drive me nuts.

    In Ontario, it’s illegal for landlords to turn down potential tenants based on their pet situation… landlords aren’t supposed to advertise apartments as “no pet allowed”. But they do it anyway because the rule can’t be enforced until the tenant signs the lease. Then, of course, when the pet appears after the lease is signed, the landlord simply kicks you out after the lease is up for reasons that can be entirely made up.

    1. Good point. All that running in the hall, while cute for the dog owners, would not be appreciated by neighbors. I love dogs, but noise I can’t control drives me nuts too.

      Still, I sympathize with the dog owners. I’d hate to be stuck living in apartments and never being allowed to have a dog. I’ve had cats in apartments, but dogs were never allowed, at least not the size I like.

      1. Yes they were. It is a book based on a true story, It has some sad notes, but beautiful and cute at the same time. I met them through this program call Sunday morning.

      2. I don’t know if my answer got true, but just in case, here It goes again: yes they were. The book is based on a true story. I knew about them and the book through this show Sunday morning.

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