A unique New Year’s Eve celebration

There’s a unique New Year’s Eve celebration in Colorado that has taken place every year since 1922. Members of the AdAmAn Club climb to the top of Pikes Peak (14,115 ft) and set off fireworks at midnight. It’s a two-day trek in whatever winter conditions Mother Nature chooses. But at least the climbers don’t have to lug the fireworks up the mountain; those are trucked to the summit on a road kept open year round.

The tradition was begun in 1922 by just five men. Each year since, one new member is added to the club, hence the name AdAmAn (“Add a man”) Club. And yes, there are women in the club. The A‘s are capitalized to represent mountain peaks.

Weather permitting, the fireworks can be seen far below in the city of Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. From that distance, it’s certainly not as spectacular as, say, the Sydney Harbor or Burj Kalifa fireworks, but it’s special in its uniqueness.

The Pikes Peak summit cams provided proof the hikers were on the summit on New Year’s Eve:

From Colorado Springs, more than a mile below the summit, the fireworks looked like this on the streaming webcam:

Again, Happy New Year, ya’ll!

5 thoughts on “A unique New Year’s Eve celebration

    1. Some day I’d like to see it for myself, but I’m a lazy sort and very disinclined to stay up late on a cold winter night, 80 miles from home.

    1. You don’t climb; the club members do. You’d watch from somewhere way down below, or maybe even just on the streaming webcam. And there’s even an earlier “family” show at 9 pm. If I’d known about that one, I probably wouldn’t have been up till midnight.

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