So, how’d you do?

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  1. We don’t [put our clocks forward until the end of the month here. I don’t mind in the winter when they go back an hour, but the forward one always takes me about 2 weeks to adjust.

    1. Having a prominent clock on the wrong time like that would confuse me even more than I already am! Time change didn’t bother the pup at all and he seems to have settled into just getting up whenever I do. Fabulous! He’s so insanely sweet about everything — except when a stranger rang the doorbell I thought he was going to go through the glass and attack him. Don’t know now if I’ve got a watchdog with a great bluff or an actual guard dog. A bit of concern now; haven’t had any strangers in the house yet. (Good of you to ask about him. Thx!)

      1. How does he respond to neighbors? Do you ever walk him around that suburban hood? And he’s going to be territorial. And it ain’t a bad thing for you to have a bad ass buddy, but you still got to be the boss. You know all that.

        About my wall clock and not recalibrating it for weeks or a month. I’ve been doing it for years just to try my Susan’s patience, and keep me “mindful”… whatever the hell mindful really means.

      2. We’ve walked around the block a few times. Have yet to encounter anyone. Given his history, I dread encountering another dog. Have no idea whether he’ll want to fight or flee. His only experience with neighbors so far is barking at them across the fence. I’m afraid my loner habits won’t help him much. But the weather is moderating, so we’ll see …

      3. I too tend to lone wolf it, so I’m appreciative of the solitary, but ya gotta team up here. You already know that. How does he leash walk? Is he on a harness, or pinch collar when you guys are out and about. It will all work out. I just miss having a puppy. We will this spring.

      4. Got him in a harness when we walk. A good strong vest type that he can’t slip out of and a leash loop on the front to help curtail pulling. As with my last pup, our walks are “walk ‘n’ sniffs.” Leisurely, stopping whenever he wants to sniff or I need to pick up after him. Will move on to loose leash walking when he’s not so new to the route. I hope you meant to say you’re getting a pup this spring. Hurts me to see a dog person without a pup.

  2. I have to say that being retired really makes the time change easier to deal with. Some of my clocks adjust automatically, one has a convenient switch that allows me to add or subtract an hour easily, while a couple of others are a mystery that I need to solve every time the time changes or we have an outage.

  3. Thanks for the checklist, Susan !
    We don’t re-set back until .. erhmm .. some Saturday night at the end of the month. It’s sometimes the last one and sometimes the first one in April. Guess it’s a matter of the feeling in the liver of whichever dickhead made the decision .. Sighh ..
    How I LOATHE it !!!

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