ICYMI stands for “in case you missed it.” In this particular instance, I’m referring to the Comedy Pet Photography Awards. You might have seen brief mentions on your local news. But ICYMI, visit their website, laugh at the funny entries (past and present), and vote for your favorite.

The organization’s mission statement:

“Through the Comedy Pets, we want to promote positive awareness of animal welfare issues and celebrate the incredible and valuable contribution that pets can and do have on our lives.”

Who wouldn’t support that?

Go. Look. Laugh. Vote.

And no, I haven’t voted yet. Too many great choices.

(Boy, am I slow. I only just realized that husky is surrounded by marijuana leaves!)


The top image is “So this is the source of happiness” by Corinne Mooser. Below is “Victory” by Kazutoshi Ono.

6 thoughts on “ICYMI

    1. Yep, the realization that it was marijuana took that picture from really good to fabulous. (I wonder if the photographer lives in Colorado?) This is one of two, maybe three, I might vote for. Still haven’t decided.

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