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Category: hummingbirds

Attention hummingbird fans

In past years I was a devoted follower of Phoebe the hummingbird and the live video feeds from her nest. It was fascinating to watch nests being built, eggs laid and […]

Hummer update: First hatch this morning

(Update, March 29: The second egg hatched early this morning. There are now two healthy hatchlings in the nest.) For those following the story, the first of Phoebe’s two eggs […]

Fleur and Pip

Hungry for spring

If spring still seems months away in your part of the world (or even if it has arrived), treat yourself to this Southern California garden. Fleur and Pip, young hummingbirds […]

Great viewing on the hummingbird nest cam

Heads up to hummingbird fans: One of Phoebe’s two eggs hatched yesterday. The second could hatch any time. If you aren’t familiar with the hummingbird nest cam, you must check […]

Phoebe’s second egg has hatched

There are now two hummingbird babies in Phoebe’s nest. Their names are Sansa and Arya. Note there’s a second Phoebe website with much more information. Make sure you turn up […]